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Make the unknown known

Quantum Biofeedback –> make the unknown known

from Dr. Violetta Anninou, Ph.D.
Molecular Biologist with HONORS, University of Delaware, U.S.A.


Understand the cause

The first step Quantum Biofeedback helps you take to achieve mental and physical health is understand what is causing your symptoms.Specifically, Quantum Biofeedback is based on the idea that healthy body and brain cells vibrate at a specific frequency

A Quantum Biofeedback device scans the brain and body to identify imbalanced cells, meaning cells that are not vibrating at the intended frequency. The therapist operating the device then knows exactly which problem(s) require treatment. The device can even retrain cells (including the cells that make up your immune system) without much effort on your part.

Quantum Biofeedback works best when it is part of a complete holistic approach. Therefore, the Quantum Biofeedback software is programmed with more than 12,000 voltammetric signatures, including brain waves, heart rate variability, and galvanic skin resistance. They work with all known holistic health knowledge integrated into one Medical system.

Enjoy the newly created pathways in your brain

If you are determined to take control of your health and are willing to work, there is no limit to what Quantum Biofeedback can do for you.

Once you retrain, your brain (and body) will remember the lessons you learned, even after the treatment is complete. This way you will enjoy the newly created pathways in your brain and in this way you will be calmer. With special pain management programs, whether mental, emotional or physical, Quantum Biofeedback helps to regain your balance and a better quality of life.

With Quantum Biofeedback we can make the unknown known.