Personalized Training

The personalized training with the mentoring program (10 hours) of Dr. Anninou, allows focussing on the needs of the practitioner and acquiring knowledge on the use of the EDUCTOR device based on their profession. The importance of the latter lies in the fact that there are thousands of healthcare professionals currently using SCIO, INDIGO, EDUCTOR worldwide, doctors, veterinarians, athletes, psychologists, hypnotherapists, dentists, biologists, dietitians, acupuncturists, homeopaths, research institutes, as well as anyone wishing to detect, reduce, and manage their stress. In any case, the direction of teaching based on the curriculum of Dr. Violetta Anninou is individualized, as it does not provide only a general framework of knowledge and practice. It recognizes that mentoring in accordance to their needs and their specialty can turn them into better professionals.

QX Devices Official Representative for Greece

Dr. Violetta Anninou is the official sales representative of QX WORLD KFT in Greece. QX WORLD KFT was created by the inventor and father of the Devices of Quantum Biofeedback and Modern Medicine, Prof. William Nelson.  It is the legal official development and support company of the Quantum Biofeedback (SCIO, INDIGO, EDUCTOR) hardware-software. QX WORLD KFT is responsible for verifying the authenticity of the quantum biofeedback devices on the market and does the official updates. Therefore, the acquisition of a device by QX WORLD KFT through Dr. Violetta Anninou guarantees its authenticity and constant updating of software upgrades.

Features of EDUCTOR device: 110 Bits of Info per Millisecond, Accuracy: + or – 0.001 Volts, or -1mA and / or -10Ohms, Device Performance: Max 250mA at 6VDC, Device Ports: 2 Serial, 1 USB, 3 Auxiliary, Device Interface, 1 Headband ), 4 straps for wrist and wrist, USB cable, Clasp32 Software DV (based on MSWindows), Two years warranty. New device purchases through

Dr. Violetta Anninou provide free of charge:
✓ New HP 17 ‘ *
✓ 10 hours of personalized teaching (not included for trade-ins of INDIGO or SCIO device), or 5 hours of training in the case of purchasing a new EDUCTOR with INDIGO or SCIO Trade-in.
✓ Training in your area, with remote teaching through Teamviewer and Skype
✓ New Apple iPad 9, 7 “- 32GB *

* The above benefits do not apply when the devices are discounted by the company, only 10 hours of training are valid.

Professions we Train

Individuals and Families Dentists Speech therapists
Neurologists Ophthalmologists Homeopathists
Psychiatrists Physicians and Nurses Health professionals of all specialties
Psychologists Dietitians / Nutritionists Beauticians
Counselors and Mental Health doctors Physiotherapist Yoga centers
Microbiologists Therapists Personal trainers
Endocrinologists Doctors & Professionals Professional Trainers and Coaches
Cardiologists Olympic Games athletes

Some of our Student