The SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software was designed to facilitate a deep relaxation process using subtle vibrational re-patterning possibilities of the Eternale, Indigo, SCIO and Eductor device. Being conscious of those patterns is fundamental in being empowered to make changes in our lives. Real beauty comes from within and when we feel good about ourselves we radiate that beauty outward. By learning to let go of the thought patterns and beliefs that are so entrenched in us through our daily environment and upbringing we begin to retrain new healthy thought patterns.

The SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software uses guided imagery and carefully orchestrated compositions sounding the lost solfeggio tones to support meditative states. This leading-edge technology is the first of its kind to work with relaxing the muscles which cause facial lines, wrinkles, and unhealthy patterns of holding while also addressing internal belief systems which create stress and tension.


The SAPPHIRE Beauty System brings you an oasis of Relaxation & Rejuvenation.
It’s highly sophisticated technology interfaces with an advanced software program to facilitate relaxation, stress reduction and enhanced appearance on three levels.

1.    Carefully orchestrated musical compositions with the lost Solfeggio Tones deeply support meditation and relaxation.

2.    Guided visualizations and audio relaxation exercises help elicit innate thoughts of positive self-esteem, body image, stress relief, weight management and much more.

3.    A high-speed digital interface emitting gentle, almost imperceptible vibrations facilitates the enhancement of appearance. This process relieves muscle tension, assuages the mental state and softens facial lines. The result is a more harmonious association of mind and body.


Recent SAPPHIRE clinical trials in Australia utilized an Enhanced Image Technologies Camera to measure the SAPPHIRE’s rejuvenating effects on skin and facial tissue.“ Every function in the human body is electrically based. Organs, glands, cells repairing themselves-all of these are electrical events,” (Darren Starwynn,O.M.D.,)“ Electricity can enhance or boost any function in the body. It has the ability to reach everywhere through the fasciae, which rapidly conduct current. Cutting-edge research shows that light and electricity travel almost instantaneously throughout the body.” “Frequentlytaking low levels of electrical current on a regular basis is highly effective in healing injuries”. D. Tsoklis, an expert on the subject, also explains: “Micro-current is the reproduction of your own biological current. As we age, this current, which sends messages from the brain to the muscles via the spinal cord, does not send those messages properly.” Like all forms of electrical therapy, SAPPHIRE’s micro-currents increase circulation, thereby increasing oxygen flow; and stimulating the production of collagen. One of micro-current’s biggest benefits, however, is the boosting of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an energy carrier molecule that transfers energy from chemical bonds to endergonic (energy absorbing) reactions within the cell for building proteins, contracting muscles and other biological functions (Source: University of Bristol Department of Chemistry). In One study, Suzuki states that cellular function has been shown to improve due to the fact that ATP levels increase by as much as 500%! Day Spa Magazine “Keeping Current” May 2006 By Amy E. Hamaker

Recent studies at the University of Washington indicate that a series of micro-current treatments can:

• Increase circulation and oxygenation
• Re-educate muscles
• Disperse hardened collagen (scar tissue)
• Sculpt and contour the muscles of the face
• Increase natural collagen production by 14%
• Increase natural elastin production by as much as 48%
• Increase blood circulation by 38%
• Accelerate cellular repair and function
• Trigger production of important amino acids and ATP!

Studies on the Rejuvenating effects of the Beauty System

Recent clinical trials in Australia utilized an Enhanced Image Technologies Camera to measure the rejuvenating effects on skin and facial tissue. These cameras use spectral imaging and targeted triple complexion analysis natural, polarized and UV light which allows for accurate measurement of skin tone, pigment variations, identify skin condition and future problem areas, analysis of pore and wrinkle depth (showing also Sebum and Porphyrin in 3-D), sun damage and more.

Twenty-one clients participated in the trials; each one came once a week for the same 55 minute Sapphire Rejuvenation program, an anti-gravity electro acupuncture facelift, with the settings on “music only”- thus controlling for any effects of the guided imagery and measuring primarily the micro-current aspects of the technology.

Each week an enhanced image photo was taken and results recorded. The results, as evidenced by photos and calculations taken from triple complexion analysis showed that:
• Of the clients receiving Pearl Rejuvenation sessions 71.4% of them showed positive changes in the overall age calculations of skin tone and quality of facial tissue.
• Of those that participated in the study, 52.4% experienced positive changes in the UV spots (caused by sun/ UV damage) appearing on their face; showing as much as 46.1% improvement, or reduction in UV spots. The photos reveal impressive and consistent trends in tissue repair.
• Nearly half of the participants suffering from acne experienced an improvement; the greatest improvement in acne was a dramatic 51% in just four sessions.
• Forty three percent of participants experienced a reduction in wrinkles; 14.3% was the greatest wrinkle reduction on measure in this minimal four session study.

Studies on the Relaxation effects

In another clinical trial, 75 participants reported that the Rejuvenation System lowered their stress levels. One hundred percent of participants said that after just one session they felt significantly more relaxed and less stressed out. After prolonged use, clients also self-reported improvements such as weight loss, better sleep, reduction of wrinkles, and tighter looking skin.

The Beauty System also shows promise for helping insomnia sufferers. In a study group of 100 people, 81 percent of participants reported falling asleep during their session. Out of this 81 percent,65 participants fell asleep after the first five minutes and stayed sleeping until the session had completed.

Many also report falling asleep more easily and sleeping more soundly through the night with regular use.


The SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software allows you to take a break from the pressures of everyday stress and aging.

Have you ever wanted to escape the drains of work, relationships or other stressful events that cause you to hold tension on a regular basis?

In addition to releasing the pressures and detrimental side effects of stress, The SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software can also revitalize your skin, restoring its youthful appearance. Micro-current vibrations allow for the reduction of fine lines, dark circles and increase the elasticity of your skin; resulting in a tighter, smoother look and feel of the face and body.

Being a sophisticated multi-functional device, The SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software can also help you shed unwanted pounds. Forget, expensive gym memberships, killing yourself on the treadmill or depriving yourself of your favorite foods. With the SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software, your body will be encouraged to welcome better foods, increase your metabolism and allow you to slip back into your favorite jeans!

Weight Management
The Weight Management Program utilizes the active mechanisms of micro-current which have been proven to also increase circulation of blood and lymphatic systems resulting in an increased metabolism and a reduction in cellulite. When combined with our guided imagery and scripts to support healthy weight management it is a powerful tool for helping clients curb less desirable cravings, shed unwanted pounds, and positively change their relationship to food with greater ease.

The SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software “recharges and rejuvenates” tissue. The combination of different frequency variations allows The SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software to show results in tissue enhancement and cellular repair. The frequency variations in the current can be concentrated on specific tissues, thus are adapted to the individual needs of each client. The use of accessories like our face veil, eye masks, silver lined blanket, rollers, probes, hand gloves and booties allow for even further tailoring and amplification of the therapeutic effects. The results are often profound and surprising.

Micro-current treatment involves the use of safe, painless, low-level, waveform-shaped currents (electrical impulses) which work to “reprogram” the muscles to nearly original muscle shape. The gentle electrical impulses actually rehabilitate the muscles and improve circulation, texture, tone, and fine lines. Electricity and science are two of the most sensible elements that can be used during esthetic treatments because of the body’s nature as a complete electrical system.

Micro-current facial machines can be used to improve the muscle reception and re-educate the muscle to respond more effectively to regular nerve stimulation. A semi-contracted facial muscle is the most visually appealing, and functionally effective. The SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software can help restore this muscle “memory”, giving better tone to the face and relaxing over worked or contracted muscles, resulting in firmer facial tone and diminished lines.

Stress Reduction
Stress affects us all. The detrimental effects of excess stress have been well documented in a wide range of medical publications.

Thousands of research articles, studies and books prove beyond a shadow of doubt, that stress can be a factor in any disease. Stress alters biochemistry, neurological functioning and can weaken the immune system and the digestive tract. This neuro-psychological-immuno link is well established in many peer reviewed medical journals on Psychoneuroimmunology.

Common physiological changes resulting from stress reactions include:
• Increased Heart Rate -which can lead and/or contribute to heart conditions.
• Hormonal Fluctuations -which can lead and/or contribute to endocrine, reproductive, digestive disorders, obesity, diabetes and mental disorders.
• Constriction of muscles and blood vessels -which can lead and/or contribute to pain, tension, circulatory issues, cardio-pulmonary issues and asthma.
• The suppression of non-essential life processes -which affects reproduction, higher executive brain function, digestionand immunity.

The deep relaxation process facilitated by all three aspects of our unique The SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software experience can be one of the best ways to combat stress and restore physiological harmony.

Music Only Option
The SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software Rejuvenation System has a music only option. Select the music only option if you just want to relax with the beautiful soothing sounds of the Solfeggio Tones.

Automated Programs
One of the many benefits of The SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software is the automated program that can serve a client, friend or family member while the practitioner is able to attend to other business. Press play and walk away is just some of the luxury offered by The SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software


One of the many benefits of The SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software is the automated program that can serve a client, friend or family member while the practitioner is able to attend to other business.Press play and walk away is just some of the luxury offered by the SAPPHIRE Beauty Rejuvenation Software.

Opal Rejuvenation Treatment 25 minutes
A restorative combination of programs, designed to promote optimal relaxation and rejuvenation.Energy Restoration will replenish your optimal energy levels and work to re-balance the seven major energy centers of the body, allowing you to function with optimal ease, joy and efficiency. Anti-aging brings you all the powerful healthy aging benefits of micro current technologies helping you look and feel years younger.Stress Reduction this is the ultimate deep relaxation program foreasing away tension, stress and pain; also excellent for improving sleep habits, and enhancing meditation.Environmental Stressors offers the mind and body an oasis of relief from daily environmental stress, toxins, EMF, noise, pollution and more.

Pearl Rejuvenation Treatment 55 minutes
This luxurious hour long experience combines our 30 minute. Opal Rejuvenation treatment (listed above) with programs designed to enhance the appearance of the skin and hair, help manage weight, boost confidence and selfesteem, includes:Face and Beauty designed to help allow your inner beauty to truly shine forth, enhancing the healthy radiance and glow of the skin, restoring clarity and sparkle in the eyes.Weight Management maintaining a body weight that is comfortable, attractive and healthy can be an easy process of selfnurturing; facilitates positive changes in attitudes toward food and other cravings.Skin and Hair lustrous, shiny hair is a telltale indicafor of health.Our Skin and Hair program is one of our many attractions, known to diminish the appearacne of unwanted greys.Body Scan and Reshape micro current technologies are known for stimulating and improving circulation which can have many health benefits. Body Scan and Reshape focuses on the eliminating of cellulite, and improving self image and confidence.

Crystal Rejuvenation 20 minutes
This all natural “facelift” enhances facial appearance and combats the effects of gravity. The Crystal Rejuvenation program creates a dramatic improvement in facial lines and wrinkles, as well as a gradual tightening of the loose skin around the face, neck and chin area.All natural “facelift” enhance facial appearance and combat gravity.

Crystal Rejuvenation 20 minutes
Our signature select service combines our Opal Rejuvenation treatment (Energy Restoration, Anti-aging, Stress Reduction and Environmental Stressors), with our delightful and impactful energetic face lift for the most well rounded improvement of body, mind, spirit and appearance.Energetic Face Lift plus Energy Restoration, Anti Aging, Stress Reduction and Environmental Stressors.

Ala Carte Rejuvenations
Each of our three to five minute individual programs utilize targeted microcurrent vibrations to help clients meet a variety of goals related to physical appearance and enhanced performance. The corresponding musical scores and guided imagery are designed to bring the listeners conscious awareness and intention to the focused area to produce positive changes in mental perceptions, attitudes and daily habits.

Customize your own session from just 1590 minutes.

Choose from:
Energy Restoration for restoring energy
Anti Aging for youthfulness
Stress Reduction for calming and reducing acute and chronic stress
Environmental Stressors for reducing effects of environmental stress factors
Face and Beauty for enhancement of face and beauty aspects
Weight Management for controlling weight to reach the ideal level
Skin and Hair for quick enhancement of skin and hair
Body Scan and Reshape for body toning and remodeling
Relieve Effects of Gravity for turning back effects of time (20minutes)
Exercise Motivation and Fitness for increasing motivation and overall fitness level

Exercise Motivation and Fitness Offers all of the support, inspiration and motivation of your own personal trainer. Experience your very best at work, in the gym, or in athletic performance. An excellent addon to any of our services! Relieve Effects of Gravity creates a dramatic improvement in facial lines and wrinkles, as well as a gradual tightening of the loose skin around the face, neck and chin area.