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Κβαντική Βιοανάδραση Δρ. Βιολέττα Αννίνου


History, Education & Training.

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. - George Bernard Shaw

Dr. Violetta Anninou, Ph.D. was born in Greece. She grew up and studied in the USA. A flourishing practice in Athens, Greece as a Molecular Biologist and Holistic Nutritionist since 1990.


In Beverly Hills, California, USA

She studied Molecular Biology (B.Sc.) in University of Delaware, USA, from where she graduated with Honors. She was awarded the Mortar Board Honor Society & Dean’s List.

Graduation with Highest Honors from the University of Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

She graduated from IMUNE (International Medical University of Nature Medicine).

She graduated from Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

From IQUIM (International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine), Hawaii, USA

IMUNE (International Medical University of Nature Medicine).

IMUNE (International Medical University of Nature Medicine).

(Certified Biofeedback Specialist and Diplomate) from BANHS, Los Angeles, California, USA and Germany, Europe NTCB EU (Natural Therapies Certification Board Europe).

DuPont is one of the world's largest companies in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical research. Awarded for Molecular Biology Research by the DuPont Center for Medical Research, Delaware, USA.

Try Quantum Biofeedback to improve your health and your quality of life!



Received an Achievement Award for her DNA Sequencing research from DuPont, USA.

She has a Certification Award Who is Who in Greece - Encyclopedia of biographies of prominent Greeks - since 2007.

She has participated in more than 10 World Conferences as a speaker (instructor) in the field of Quantum Biofeedback. She has also appeared in numerous television and radio shows, magazines and newspapers.

She is the author of the books:

  • EDUCTOR – Quantum Biofeedback System – E-Book
  • Quantum Nutrition With SCIO / EDUCTOR With SCIO INTERNATIONAL
  • The Love Diet - The Body Wisdom System Guide (English and Greek)
  • Collaborated for the writing of the book: Doctor, tell me: The andrologist - Urologist with Eva Delidaki

She has taken part in the Montreal International Marathon where she was awarded a bronze medal for her age category.

Her Mission

Dr. Violettas Anninou, Ph.D. mission is to help those who wish to reduce the causes of disease, regain vitality of their body, adopt functional ways of managing stress and deal with their symptoms by natural means. She treats each person as a whole, taking into account the body, the mind, the psychology and environment in which they live. With over 30 years of experience in the field of Integrative Quantum Medicine Health Care, she has managed to help people have more functionality in their daily tasks, less stress and optimal health at all levels - physically, emotionally and mentally.

She is a Quantum Biofeedback Diplomate with the QUANTUM ACADEMIES in Beverly Hills, U.S.A. as well as International Licensed Quantum Biofeedback Therapist and Trainer with IMUNE (International Medical University of Nature Medicine) She provides personalized educational programs, which focus on the needs of each individual. Through her curriculum, her trainees have been able to successfully understand the concepts of Quantum Biofeedback, the use of the Quantum Biofeedback Medical Device, and evolve into their specialty.


Her approach is integrative and holistic. Dr. Violetta Anninou, Ph.D. provides specialized suggestions, assessment and evaluation using a mind-body quantum integrative medical approach. Her goal is to identify the causes of each symptom at the subconscious level and treat them with natural means.

1. Restoration of health begins, by identifying the body's stressors. An Evaluation and assessment in your first session - a 16 to 66 page Smart Report depending on your biochemical individuality and voltammetric bioreactivities from the Quantum Biofeedback medical device)

2. Her method includes enhancing nutrition and other natural ways.

Everything is aimed for Optimal Healthcare and Well Being:

  • Wellness
  • Recovery of the organism's vitality,
  • Slowing down the aging stress,
  • Detection, proper management and reduction of stress
  • Managing and maintaining an ideal weight.

In her methodology, Dr. Violettas Anninou, Ph.D. gives a detailed assessment of the body which is the first step in building a new image for optimal health at all levels since we are the architects of our bodies and responsible for our health.

The 10 Pillars of Dynamic Health with Quantum Biofeedback based on the methodology of Dr. Violetta Anninou, Ph.D. :

  1. Quantum Evaluation - Detection of the causes of symptom and stressful stimuli
  2. Quantum Homotoxicology - Toxin detection and detoxification
  3. Quantum Nutritional Medicine - Food Assimilation and Better Digestion
  4. Quantum Immunology - Strengthening the immune system
  5. Quantum Dark Field Analysis - Blood analysis via Dark Field Analysis
  6. Quantum Hormonology - Hormone Balancing
  7. Quantum Homeopathy - Combination Homeopathy Activation and Potency depending on your individual needs and E-Fuse of water or your products.
  8. Quantum Taoist Medicine - Electro-acupuncture points and meridian channels
  9. Quantum Dentistry - Dental program to reduce TMJ Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) reducing stress disorders
  10. Quantum Anti-Aging Stress and Quantum Entropy - Reduction of Oxidation & Free Radicals. Regeneration and dynamic health at all levels of mind, body and soul. Analysis and treatment of bioreactivity anti aging profile such as DNA strand telomere, elastin, collagen, DHEA, Melatonin, Growth hormone, cellular age response, tissue age response, and overall metabolic age response and much more.

Also with her knowledge in Molecular Biology and Holistic Nutrition she has created 8 Steps of Quantum Medicine Nutrition which are aimed at those who want to manage their weight and improve their body composition.

The 8 Steps of Quantum Medicine Nutrition according to your biochemical identity are:

  1. B.M.R. - Basic Metabolic Rate
  2. Detoxification - pH diet
  3. Food Combinations
  4. Glycemic Load (Glycemic Index)
  5. Blood Type and Food Bioreactivity
  6. Microbiome balance: Gut-brain connection
  7. Optimal Health Nutrition: A special protocol for cleaning your DNA
  8. Food Hyper-reactivity
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