👉Free Senso software if you buy QUEX ED now👈

Back to school can be draining to our wallets: the pencils, pens and crayons are expensive, not to mention the new textbooks, backpacks, clothes, shoes and other supplies. To show you our appreciation, we created a very special “back to school” deal to rid you and your family of compromises!

If you always wanted to purchase and try one of our devices, this is your time to do so, because if you buy a QUEX ED device now, you will get SENSO for free, meaning you can save up to €3500!

Buy quex ed and get senso free.

Don’t miss your chance! But hurry: this offer ends on 26th September! 

As you may know we offer a wide variety of holistic healthcare courses too you can pick from. These courses, held by esteemed professionals of the field, will teach you how to use this device and the software more efficiently. 

For more information, visit our website! 

Prices do not include taxes! 
For more detailed information please get in touch with Dr. Violetta Anninou Ph.D.!  

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